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My Princess (Korean Drama 2011)

Title: 마이 프린세스 / My Princess / 我 的 公主
Genre: Romantic
Episodes: 16
Online at: MBC
Period aired: January 5, 2011-24 February 2011
Release: Wednesday-Thursday 21:55

Synopsis of My Princess (Korean Drama 2011)
There is an ordinary student, Lee Seol (played by Kim Tae Hee) finally find out if she was a princess. Grandson of Daehan Group, Park Hae-young (played by Park Hae-Young) is a teacher Lee Seol personality who will teach the material.

Park Hae-young (played by Song Seung Hoon)
It is the heir of the group's largest and most influential business in Korea. He worked as a diplomat in the kingdom abroad. Meruapakan perfect man, but eventually have to be in a situation where he had to teach Lee Seol good karma as a princess.

Lee Seol (played by Kim Tae Hee)
Archeology student aged 21 years. He was adopted when she was 5 years old and had a secret birth. He is a distinguished life hard and have worked furiously to get into university. He fell in love with a professor on campus and will do anything to get close to him. One day when he wakes up, she became the daughter of Korean tiba2. But, her sister, Lee And jealous and cooperate with Oh Yoon Joo to destroy it.

My Princess (Korean Drama 2011)
Oh Yoon Joo (played by Park Ye Jin)
A museum employee who beautiful, the son of an executive secretary, who had a different plan to get Park Hae-Young for himself as well to gain her father.

Nam Jung-woo (played by Ryu Soo Young)
A distinguished professor of archeology and history of the handsome and charismatic, people who like to examine the rocks, but keep the feeling in love with a lecture.

Lee Dan (played by Kang Ye Sol)
Lee Dan and Lee Seol both lived dip anti upbringing and adopted by same parents. He is a hard worker and good-hearted person, but because he was jealous of Lee Seol and incited by Oh Yoon Joo, decided to do evil plans so that he can become a princess.

Production Team of My Princess

Director: Kwon Suk Jang
Scriptwriter: Kim Eun Sook, Jang Young Shil (장영실)


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