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Drama Korea : Dream High

Drama Korea : Dream High
Dream High is a Korean drama by starring in a number of prominent Korean artists like Taecyeon and Wooyoung. Consisting of 16 episodes Korean Drama Dream High is the work of director Lee Eung Bok released on January 3, 2011, produced by KBS2. Dream High scenario written by Park Hye Ryun tells of the romance world of teenagers and attractively packaged with music and dance.


* Kim Soo Hyun as Sam Dong Song
* Taecyeon as Jin Gu
* Su Zy as Go Hye Mi
* Ham Eun Jung as Yoon Hee Baek
* Wooyoung as Jason
* IU as Kim Pil Sook

Synopsis Dream High Drama Korea:

Kirin school is well-known art school and many alumni of the school Kirin become Superstar.

Sam Song Dong (Kim Soo Hyun) live in a country and he hopes to become the owner of the garden. He fell in love with Go Hye Mi (Bae Su Ji) and follow to School Go Hye Mi Kirin.

Jin Gu (Taecyeon) was a dancer who often creates problems. The headmaster of the School Kirin namely Ha Myung (Bae Young Jin) Jin Gu recommend Kirin to enter school. Finally in this school is Jin Gu began to dream to become a dancer International. Jason (Woo Young) was a foreign student in the School thanks Kirin with the highest score for appearance. He came from abroad and displays extraordinary abilities as a Dancer.

Go Hye Mi (Bae Su Ji) is a popular girl in school Kirin because he could make trouble Kirin School entrance audition. He has high confidence, but on the other hand he is very lonely. He dreams of becoming a classical singer, but because the family was bankrupt and he was forced to go to school this Kirin.

Baek Yoon-hee (Eun-jung) is women who always follow Hye Mi. In fact he followed the style of Mi Hye. Baek Hae follow Kirin to try to audition at the School of Kirin and not in thought Hee Baek was the one who passed the audition, while Hye Hye Mi Mi do not qualify as not having good manners. And in the end Hee Baek Hye-Mi attempt to prove that he was able without Hye Mi.

Kim Pil Sook (IU) He was a strange woman who wear costumes when it comes to sushi school audition Kirin. Teachers in Schools Kirin had hesitated to accept him because his appearance is not pretty, but Suk Pil has a beautiful voice that he accepted in this audition.

Rate : Dream High is so sweet Drama Korea


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