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LIE TO ME / Sweet Scandal Synopsis and Review

LIE TO ME / Sweet Scandal Synopsis and Review
Lie to Me is the Korean Comedy Drama genre, starring by Yoon Eun Hye (Goong) as the main female role is and as male protagonist is Kang Ji Hwan who also had a role in the Korean Drama Coffee House. Starting on May 9, 2011 LIE TO ME / Sweet Scandal is shown with 16 episodes on SBS TV every Monday & Tuesday 21:55

Synopsis LIE TO ME :
Ah Gong Jung was raised by his father and without mother. He grew up a tomboy as a teenager and often got into trouble. One time he came into the first University pursuit of love, but unfortunately his first love was dumped just like that Ah-jung. When approaching the age of 30 years, for the sake of his self-esteem then Ah Jung also lied that he had been married.

Hyun Gi Jung is someone who is included into the royal line in Korea. His parents had died in an accident. Gi Jung and Aiknya was raised by his aunt. He had grown into a confident person and being a young executive. He has a good family background, handsome face, and also a good character. But unfortunately he had entered into the world because it lies Jung Ah Ah Ah Jung who said that Jung had been married.

Hyun Sang Hee was the sister of Gi Jung. As a younger, more free life than his brother. Sang Hee Ah Jung met with and eventually he was involved in fake marriages that have been made by Jung Ah it.

Jo Yeon Hee is a designer who was a friend of Hyun Sang Hee. And it turns out this is Yoon Hee Jung Gi ex-fiance. After parting with Gi Jung, he moved to Paris. But 3 years later he returned to Korea.

Review Lie to Me / Sweet Scandal :
As usual Korean drama, Lie to me / Sweet Scandal is a Korean romantic drama, funny and interesting. Moreover, because the heroine is quite famous and many other Korean Drama starring as Princess Hours


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