Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tom Cruise and the Black Eyed Peas Play Together

The concert audience group Black Eyed Peas (BEP) in London, last Thursday (05/27/2010) local time gets a sweet surprise. Tom Cruise is up to the stages in the framework of his new friends are presents for the first time their songs for the new Cruise movie, Knight and Day.

Hollywood actor was convincing the producers of these action movies so that the BEP can create a theme song, "Someday", for the film which also starred actress Cameron Diaz's. Cruise stunned by the BEP after seeing their performance in the context of the Super Bowl in 2010, and February 6 in Miami (Florida, USA). After that, Cruise BEP personnel will.i.am invited to the studio to watch some of the film. Cruise also came to the studio when will.i.am working on that song.

They met in London in the weeks just passed. Cruise was to promote the film while the printers hit "Boom Boom Pow" that was undergoing a tour of The End of Europe.

Cruise came to the BEP concert in London with his wife, actress Katie Holmes. He was surprised and delighted when personally invited by other personnel BEP, Fergie, to appear at the end of the concert.

"Actually, when they do appear, we all went to the show and Fergie sends an official invitation to go onstage. 'Yo, do not be a fool, you have to go up to the stage for the last song,' Fergie said," Cruise's story.

Cruise said he had initially reluctant to meet the demand that the BEP. However, after hearing the greeting Ferguson, he could not move.

"He (Cruise) appears, we played 'I Gotta Feeling', the audience loved it. Fergie is the only (BEP personnel) who knew about it (the first time presents the song 'Someday'), but we got a real surprise to approximately about 21 000 spectators unusual, "adds will.i.am.

The Black Eyed Peas have sold over 29 million albums worldwide, the majority of which has occurred since the introduction of Fergie as the lead singer in 2003. Previous to that the band had little success though were well regarded as an independent hip hop band.

Bands like the Peas and Nickleback are some of the best representatives of that phenomenon. Other bands like say Linkin Park is successful because they largely appeal to morons and so can’t be included in this study. The rarity of finding an actual fan of one of these mania bands is very unlikely.

Group front man will.i.am apparently does love his music, though he is well served by that position.

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