Sunday, June 20, 2010

It’s time of the War of Android versus Bada

After Android application released and received great enthusiasm from the fans of the mobile phone is now back in the latest application release called Bada

Bada, who claimed himself as a better application and complete than Android now beginning to penetrate the market and compete with Android

This is of course beneficial for mobile users of mobile phone users can choose the appropriate application of his choice.
Although devoid of mobile phone players, CommunicAsia 2010 is still a showcase event new product. At least for Samsung, this Korean based company launched seven new phones at once. Outside the CommunicAsia, Nokia, LG, and Sony Ericsson handed champion. Here are their stories.

* Samsung

At CommunicAsia 2010, Samsung exhibited seven phones. Samsung Wave 2 and Wave 2 Pro is a duet based mobile phone operating system Anyar Samsung Bada. In addition, Samsung presents three Android phone, which Beam Galaxy, Galaxy 3, Galaxy and S, as well as two phone Windows Mobile 6.5, namely Omnia Omnia Pro 4 and Pro 5.

Samsung s8500 wave2 support Android and Bada

Galaxy Beam is a phone that supports 8-megapixel camera and 3.7 inch screen with WVGA AMOLED Super technology.

The Galaxy S are wearing 4-inch screen (same as HTC Touch HD2) Super AMOLED with 1 GHz processor speed. The phone also uses a special interface called TouchWiz 3.0 and is already available in Singapore market.

Samsung Wave 2 (S5250) and Wave 2 Pro (S5330) is the successor Wave family introduced earlier this year. Both were wearing Bada and intended for fans of social networking sites, including games, digital books, as well as health and lifestyle applications. Â

* Nokia X5, X6 8 GB, and N8
Nokia X5 is a music phone berpapan type the full QWERTY. He is also equipped with the ability to reach social networking, mobile messaging, and music to support Comes with Music service, which has a collection of millions of tracks. This sliding phone is the form of a square so that users will be comfortable in enjoying its features.

Nokia X6 16 GB Black support Android and Bada

Nokia X6 8 GB X6 is in addition to a family with connections to the store Store Ovi applications, including Ovi Maps for navigation and location sharing. The phone also supports the Comes with Music, a 5 megapixel camera.

While the Nokia N8 is a smart phone that supports social networking and music at the same time Internet TV program. Camera phones based on Symbian 3 has reached 12 megapixels and high definition video recording capability.

* LG

Although not having booths at CommunicAsia, LG phone launched Anyar remain in Singapore. That Optimus LG (LG GT540), with the support of the Android based phones to social networking through a feature called Social Network Client and the widget is called Social Networking System.

LG GT540 support Android and Bada

LG Optimus has a 3 megapixel camera, with geo-tagging technology support, auto face-tagging, and face-to-action. In addition, his video camera has a story board function to include music and text.


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