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Pasta: Review and Synopsis

Title: 파스타 / Pasta
Genre: Romance comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-04 to 2010-March-04
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55


Gong Hyo Jin as Yoo Kyung Seo
Lee Sun Gyun as Choi Hyun-Wook
Lee Ha Nui as Oh Sae-young
Alex Clazziquai as Kim San

Currently, Korean Drama Pasta is running on Indosiar every day at 13:30 pm. Korean drama that originally I thought it only serves about how to make this pasta was very interesting. Especially this Drama is so funny it’s good combines by elements of romantic love, the art of cooking and packaged in a comedy.

In Korea, the country of origin Pasta Drama Korea has been aired on MBC in January of 2004. Although they are the young stars and new comer in Korean Drama but as the casts their acting quality is very good.

Here are Synopsis Pasta (Korean Drama):

Seo Yoo-kyung is a kitchen assistant in a restaurant called La Sefra elite. During the 3 years he became assistant to the kitchen; eventually he was named chef of pasta as long as he dreamed. But on the first day he was working as a chef, he was fired by a new chef at the restaurant named Choi Hyun-wook. Choi Hyun-wook is very anti the woman who was in her kitchen. This is connected with his past when in Italy he was betrayed by a Chef Oh Sae-young woman who becomes his partner as well as his girlfriend. Since the beginning of his presence in La Sefra he never allowed anyone going out in her kitchen.

Not wanting the fired Seo Yoo-kyung still come each Day. It’s make chef Choi Hyun-wook let it work. Because all women had fired the chef kitchen chef shortage, especially in the pasta, Chef finally Hyun-wook brings his students he knew in italy for work in the kitchen La Sefra. Choi Hyun-wook chef character are very hard and likes to snap his chefs with sharp words that make the atmosphere in the kitchen is not comfortable.

But the character of Chio Chef Wook Hyun harsh and unequivocal fact that even makes Kyung Seo Yoo became closer until finally going out. But it was not just Chio who like Seo Hyun Wook Yoo Kyung. Boss La Sefra is Kim San was also very fond of. Complexity eventually happens, especially when the other cooks know that Chio Seo Hyun-wook and Yoo Kyung courtship. Chef chose to resign for Yoo-kyung can still work in the kitchen La Sefra.

Pasta: Review and Synopsis
Pasta: Review and Synopsis

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